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How I Got Started

         ​​ ​​​In1990, my daughter, Cindy Jo came to me and said I see an ad in the paper for oil painting classes at Feather River Parks and Recreation do you want to go and learn a new hobby and I said, sure why not.  So we were given a list of items to purchase (brushes, paints, canvases and etc.) for the class.  We went to the class and the instructor by the name of Gwen said you will be amazed what you can do with a simple brush stroke.  She did a fantastic job introducing us to oil painting, wet on wet style. Wet on Wet style was well know with the artist Bob Ross who is known all over the world for this large hair and fast trees.  It was pretty surprising to find out we could make trees and waterfalls with the used of a fan brush and just two colors (black and white) to complete one painting.

          Once I started the process I found it pretty easy to catch on and decided to purchase more gear i.e. turp. (paint remover), brushes, pallet paper, and etc. I started taking more classes without my daughter; Cindy Jo decided to not continue the process.  She felt it was too expensive to continue.  I didn’t feel the same way because once you make the initial purchase of supplies they last a really long time.  

          One of the seminars was with Barbara Pasco who was instructing on floral paintings showing brush strokes for the pedals and to show how to allow shadows to cast on the canvas.  She also instructed on animals and scenery.  Another instructor was Eduardo.  He was from Hawaii and liked to paint/instruct on flowers.  He called me his flower child.  He would have other students painting scenic scenes and would have me paint flowers.  June Ivy who is from Oroville, CA taught me to paint on metal.  Oil painting is more forgivable and allows the paint to move freely on the canvas and also allows me to change scenes, details or people before the paint dried. 

          I felt like I needed to learn other ways of oil painting so I started going to other seminars for portrait painting in Sacramento.  I did a lot of portraits after the class for various people.  I have dabbled in watercolor and acrylics.  My sister Marge and I took watercolor painting classes in the Bay Area.  We had a blast! We went to sites, which were in a field, park or street corner and painted the buildings, barns, water or flowers, just about anything imaginable.  Occasionally we would sneak out of the class and go have girl time with a cocktail or go to the card room.   I cherished our quality time together.  She took hold of the painting bug and started her own line of artwork, which she displayed and sold out of her Pawnshop in Oakland, CA.

          In 1991, I opened Linda’s Arts downtown on Myers Street in Oroville. I decided to start teaching others what I have been taught.  I taught people of all ages and really enjoyed the process of instructing. Had some of the people that I learned from come in and conduct seminars.  This was rewarding for instructors, students and myself. Always seemed to learn a new stroke or paint combination at these seminars. Linda’s Arts was open for 10 plus years.  

          I did not stop painting; I just changed the venue of where the painting was taking place.   You could and can find that I have painted on feathers, washer (tool item), canvas, saw blades, milk jugs, wood and much more.  I have done and still do commission paintings.  This is always rewarding, seeing their reaction and the love of my work.  Painting or artwork can very theoretic. People that I have instructed when they were six or older have contacted me and told me that they are still painting.  So amazing that I was apart of their growth in the art world.  The rewards as an artist never stop.  

          I have paintings all over the United States from customers purchasing them and then moving to a different state or shipping artwork. Each of my children has paintings that I have done.  Also have paintings in Washington DC of the Twin Towers after 911 happened.  Trains are so much fun to paint.  I did a large one that took first place in the Butte County Fair and that painting went on to the be the best of show in all the of the Western United States.  This painting is currently hanging in my daughter-in-laws home.  I look forward to the challenges and rewards that being an artist offer.